Becoming a GMCA Student
  • Student must apply for attendance at GMCA. (Application packet and Entrance Guidelines in Student Handbook Appendix A)
  • Parents/Guardians must attend orientation.
  • Students and parents/guardian must attend an application intake interview. *This includes expelled students.
  • Students must pass the Discovery program in order to become a GMCA student. *This does not included expelled students.
  • Complete the AEC growth assessment (after Discovery Graduation).

A waiting list will be maintained. Students will be admitted according to the following criteria and the number of slots available:

  1. Referral from the School Superintendent
  2. Referral from a traditional high school in Delta County
  3. A significant life circumstance, which illustrates the need for alternative education
  4. Age
  5. Graduation Progress (Students who are closest to graduation will be given priority.)
  6. Currently employed or in a volunteer setting 10 or more hours a week.